Amanda Jane Graham


Amanda Jane Grahams’ practice is a trajectory of self-reflection, personal narrative, and memoirs, where the viewer completes the experience. It involves delving into dreams and memory and using these memories of people, moments, and incidents to create vastly sensitive, seductive, and humorous fantasies that can be macabre and incredibly disturbing at the same time. The work changes what once might have been negatives into positives. The title also plays an essential role because it directs the viewer into the thought processes when creating the work.


Storytelling and the handmade process are essential to the practice. The traditional mediums of fine print, drawing, and textiles are crucial to generating the visual representation that penetrates the unconscious memory of the observer, creating unconscious and organic emotive reactions. Personal memory, humour and traditional mediums are tactics that engineer collective sentiment, recollections and nostalgia. Emotive recall devises alliances and relationships between the private and collective memories of artist and audience.


     Â©Amanda Jane Graham