Amanda Jane Graham

                                       Warriors One in Three


It has been substantially documented that cancer will touch one in three of us. Warriors One in Three is a mixed media exhibition that acknowledges the stoic bravery, dignity and resilience of people that have faced serious illness. Through this exhibition the victim becomes the warrior by addressing perceptions of conflicting cultural projections played out through society.


Graham’s practice is a trajectory of self-reflection, personal narrative, and memoirs where the viewer completes the experience. The traditional mediums of drawing, fine print, collage,  and poetry are key to generating the intricate visual representation that penetrates the memory of the observer creating unconscious and organic emotional reactions. The exhibition has the capacity to touch, engage and connect with the collective experience of the audience because it is tender, uplifting and compelling. 

You Are Always A Chief To Me


I Am Not Dead


There Is More To Me Than The Big C

Poetry Installation

New Recording 3.mp3

I Am Not Dead

Audio Poem

The 18th International Psycho Oncology Conference at the Aviva Stadium Dublin, October 2016

 ©Amanda Jane Graham