Amanda Jane Graham

The Domestic Abuse Panorama

Amanda Jane Graham’s practice is a trajectory of self-reflection, personal narrative, and memoirs where the viewer completes the experience.The Domestic Abuse Panorama is a frank reflection into Graham’s young life. With the passing of time, Graham comically responds to unpleasant aspects which played out in her childhood. This artwork allows a rethink to what constitutes domestic abuse, while at the same time acknowledging the courageous individuals who live with it, survive it and are not defined by it.

Out Of Body Experience
Drawing, 100x70cm, 2018


hen (Self Portrait)
Drawings, emulsion and collage on panel, 120x100cm, 2017

The Parents
Drawing, 100x70cm, 2018


Family Photo (Triptych, Mother, Father With Hat, Brother)
Embroidery, handmade and ready made objects, 400x300cm, 2016.
Photo courtesy of The Leitrim Sculpture Centre, The NorthWest Open Exhibition 2016.
 © Amanda Jane Graham