Amanda Jane Graham

Stage Left

Installation image from The Dock Arts Centre, Carrick on Shannon.

Amanda Jane Graham is an artist and researcher concerned with social issues. Her practice is a trajectory of self-reflection, personal narrative, and memoirs where the viewer completes the experience. This involves delving into memories to create humorous fantasies that can be humorous macabre and disturbing. Stage Left is an installation and a residency.  The imagery of the exhibition is a playful approach to looking at societal taboos and difficult social issues such as serious illness and violence.  The exhibition approaches these subjects, through references to humour in popular culture, a pastiche of humour itself. Graham’s installation blurs the boundaries of personal experiences and narratives by championing the human imagination to escape its bleak realities. The imagery is immersed in the traditions of Warner Brothers, Looney-Tunes and Hanna-Barbera cartoons, ubiquitous and familiar imagery that is a key to penetrating the unconscious memory of the observer to create spontaneous reactions.

Other elements of the installation include autoethnographic drawings and collage. Graham is utilising a familiar material culture to express personal experiences and create affiliations with the collective memory of the viewer. Part of the work includes a residential component that allows for conversational interaction with the artist who is creating a public platform for communal discourse around social issues. The title of her works also plays an important role in her work because it directs the viewer into the thought processes at the time of making the work.

Photography courtesy of Keith Nolan Photography

© Amanda Jane Graham