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Itchy Hat!


July 31, 2014 by Tríona O'Donnell

Amanda hatWhile working on a completely different project yesterday, I stumbled upon this gigantic fashion statement! Here is artist Amanda Jane Graham with her masterpiece, entitled ‘I’ll Never Forget That Fucking Itchy Hat!’bobble (2)This remarkable hat is completely hand knitted using Aran wool. It recollects handmade clothing from her childhood. We chatted informally and she told me her mother used to sew and knit everything.detailThe coarsest, hard-wearing pure wool was used by her mother to make clothing that provided warmth and longevity. BUT they were extremely itchy and painful to wear. Amanda humorously informed me that even her Communion dress was handmade by her mother. And although it was extremely beautiful, she remembers the incessant itching and scratching due to the lace detail at the neck.

perspective (2)The hat took Amanda almost five months to make. It costs €17,850.Cynthia

I met another very interesting character in Leitrim Sculpture Centre. Cynthia is a minute sculptress who now lives in Madrid but travels over every year to sculpt stone. She informed me that Leitrim is the only place in Ireland that she can practise her passion: stone masonry.

modafix hat

I jumped in for a fun photo too. What a pleasant trip to New Line, Manorhamilton. Every day is so varied with my work on modaFix and I’m loving it.

‘I’ll Never Forget That Fucking Itchy Hat’ is now on display at Leitrim Sculpture Centre, as part of ‘North West Open Exhibition 2014′ and runs until Sunday 24th August.


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