Amanda Jane Graham

                                                           Public Art Works

                                         Drawing Turf 

                          Love Longford Gathering Festival 2013

                                       A Longford County Council Initiative

Drawing Turf is a humourous play on language where the viewer completes 
the experience. Having never seen or encountered the turf cutting tradition 
prior to moving to County Longford, Graham felt compelled to revolve this 
public art event around her own personal experience with the custom. 
It acknowledges this unique language through the artworks spirited titles, 
such as Do You RearTurf? No Just Children, The Turf’s Home 
and Banks For Sale.

This exhibition brings to the fore, the attraction, charm and localism 
associated with turf. Drawing Turf was made up of installations and collages 
that where populated with bogscapes and illustrations and a widening range of 
materials. The tone of the work shifted toward a deeper exploration and 
disclosure of the artist's own experience of living within this deep-rooted 
environment. In this exhibition, ideas around dialect, memory, and ritual 
resonate, highlighting the traditional lure, appeal and charisma of bog lands within 
rural society and culture. The artworks have the ability to create an 
energy that is both engaging and thought provoking. 






Installation Shot 

The Turf's Home

Installation Shot 


The Turf's Home

Installation Shot 


Not All Turf Is Equal

Installation Shot 



                       Dublin Contemptibles 2: Gentrify This! 2012



Back Alleys - Trying To Get Into My Mother's Shoes

Dublin Contemptibles 2 GENTRIFY THIS!

Collage Mural, 3025 x 333 cm, 2012

Public Streer Art at The Old Motor Taxation Office, Chancery Street, Dublin 7




© Amanda Jane Graham